David Reed, President and Founder

Mirador Consulting

I wanted to thank NetManage IT and their awesome Data Backup Service; working together, they just saved my professional life! Nearly a year ago I began business consulting practice after 25+ years as an in-house attorney. While being an employee had its drawbacks, one thing I never had to worry about was dealing with IT support. So, as a one-man shop looking at the many options available for handling computer 'stuff,' I was never sure what services were truly meaningful and what were just hype. When I found Herb, he answered all my questions. And NetManage IT provided a proposal of cost-effective services, including BackUp for Work Groups, to meet my needs. All three just passed their first test, in dramatic fashion, when I accidentally deleted (is there any other way to do something so stupid?!) 100% of my client files. Every file was restored without my clients having a clue what I did. . . at least not until they read this testimonial!