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The Town of DeWitt, NY is a vibrant town in Onondaga NY permeated with parks and green spaces and a bustling commercial district. Five years ago, the Town reached out to us because they were unhappy with the IT service they were receiving. The Town leadership heard we had a long history of working with municipalities and knew the challenges and needs unique to public service. We responded by creating a service plan specifically tailored to how they worked and paired that with the ultra-responsive support we’re known for.

Now, years later, we asked the Town how they think we’ve done. With the help of Devin from Gaber Marketing, we put together a meeting with several key leaders at the Town. We had the pleasure of interviewing Supervisor Ed Michalenko, Police Chief John Anton, and Councilor Jack Dooling. A special thank you to Angela Epolito, the Dewitt Town Clerk. We couldn’t have made it happen without her. On the table to discuss: How would they describe their experience working with NetManageIT?

It’s certainly not every day I point a video camera at someone and ask them to go on record saying exactly what they think about our company, but the staff at the Town of DeWitt took it in stride. Credit where credit is due –when I’m on the receiving end of the camera’s glaring lens I immediately forget everything I want to say. I’m lucky if I can manage a coherent sentence that isn't punctuated by a nervous laugh. Thankfully they rose to the occasion under the “intense pressure”. I want to thank the Town for being so generous with their time and giving us the opportunity to share in their success story. We love working with all of you at the Town of DeWitt!

If you haven't already, watch what they had to say about working with NetmanageIT. We're very proud of our relationship with the Town of Dewitt and are looking forward to many more years to come.

Lisa Heitman

Lisa Heitman - Operations, NetManageIT

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