Protecting Your Business Against Security Breaches

Protecting Your Business Against Security Breaches
Protecting Your Business Against Security Breaches

Breaking it down: what is a security breach?

Whenever there is unauthorized access to your businesses’ data, applications, services, network or devices that occurs by bypassing the underlying security mechanisms that each of those systems or devices has, that is a security breach.  When an individual or application enters a private or confidential IT perimeter or unauthorized space, that is when a security breach occurs. A security breach is often an early stage in a sometimes more malicious security attack. 

What causes a security breach?

Security breaches can take place for a variety of reasons… 

Unintended or Intended Disclosure - When someone in or associated with your business accidently posts sensitive information on a website, social media network, email, fax or letter, and ends up in the wrong hands. Oppositely, intended disclosure occurs when an employee voluntarily steals or leaks sensitive business information.

Hacking or Malware - The most known form of a security breach is when people access your servers or information systems by breaking firewalls or passwords. They commonly steal or corrupt data with software programs such as malware.

Lost Assets - Lost assets are another cause of security breaches. Whether it is a mobile device such as a laptop, flash drive, CD, mobile phone, tablet or smartphone, sensitive business information can be accessed when those devices get into unauthorized hands. Lost, stolen or improperly discarded paper documents are equally as vulnerable to breaches as their digital counterparts. 

Protecting your business

By understanding the infrastructure of your business information systems, firewalls, and security while also understanding the causes of a security breach, you can start to understand what protections you need to have in place for information security. 
Know where your sensitive business information is and how it is stored - Inventory your business's confidential information so that you are aware of everything that is a potential security risk and target for malicious activity.

Set up network security - If your business operates with WiFi, make sure the connection is secure and password protected and do not broadcast or name the network as something identifiable to your business. 

Educate and regulate - You must educate your employees on the importance of information security to protect against breaches and put policies in place to hold them accountable. NetManage IT helps businesses prevent security breaches by conducting one-on-one and group lessons to educate and inform employees on how to protect information. 

Taking these steps to understand and protect your business from a security breach is crucial to your businesses’ success. Not sure if your business information technology infrastructure is secure? Want a free assessment to find out? Contact NetManageIT today

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