The Frightening, Hidden Costs of Downtime

The Frightening, Hidden Costs of Downtime
The Frightening, Hidden Costs of Downtime

What's scarier than a ghost on Halloween? The hidden costs of downtime. Today’s businesses rely on IT infrastructure in order to conduct day to day operations. Beyond IT infrastructure that is reliable, businesses must also maintain a strong digital presence to remain competitive in the marketplace. When an incident occurs, on average a business can lose upwards of $140,000 in some instances.

Frightening types of downtime
When downtime happens, it is almost always unexpected - just like a mummy popping out of a coffin. Downtime may come as a result of spikes in network traffic that an infrastructure wasn’t prepared for. Another example of costly downtime can come from damages to physical infrastructure where the technology infrastructure is housed such as water damage or fire damage. Costly downtime can especially even come from a malicious attack from an outside source that has the sole purpose of taking down your business. Malicious attacks are also commonly paired with data theft, data leakage and so on essential operational data for your business.

Downtime of ghosts from the past

The ghosts from frightening incidents in the past should definitely be ones that every company pays attention to and learns from so that they may find ways to prevent it from happening to their own business. One example of costly downtime comes from the retail site which suffered in 2013 due to cloud services failures. cost the company, one that reportedly makes about $120 million per day from its Web presence? A quick and dirty calculation shows that it lost $5 million in revenue for every hour the site was down. Equifax is a very recent and common example of this as they had to remove pages from its website after a major hack.

At NetManageIT, we like to enjoy our Halloween with tasty treats and scary movies. We definitely dislike the hidden costs our client’s experience when it comes to infrastructure downtime. If you are looking for assistance to prevent future downtime for your business or you already frequently experience downtime, contact NetManageIT today. Between our 24-7 server monitoring, managed network security services, and the data disaster recovery and prevention that we offer, we’re confident that we can help you prevent future scares and the hidden costs of downtime.

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