Virtual CTO

Smart, Expert Consulting 

A Chief Technology Officer is a top-level position where the person is in charge of guiding the information technology strategy and computer systems the company needs in order to grow and excel. With NetManageIT’s virtual CTO, we offer our clients the benefit of that high-level knowledge to help them implement and strategize the best solutions for their organization.

24x7 Server Monitoring

Servers are the heart of your IT - we'll keep them healthy.

Managing the health of your servers can be done with a simple prescription. First, 24x7 remote monitoring of the server’s condition helps you keep your finger on the pulse. Managed patching and Windows security updates, along with a good insurance plan such as a same-day server hardware warranty also keep your servers healthy. Our NOC is ready to assist with any issues with a guaranteed one hour or less response time to our managed services clients.

Business Continuity / BDR
Cloud Backup Solutions / Data Protection

An invincible fortress for your priceless data

What would the impact of lost data be on your business? Your operation runs on information. When those spreadsheets, databases, contracts, documents, and emails suddenly become unavailable, what would you do?

Managed Network Security

IT Expertise, User Education, 24x7 Monitoring

How do you know if your business IT is safe? Don’t wait until it's too late your business falls prey to malware, data theft, or hacking to find out! Contact us for a free IT Risk Assessment. We work with you to take a close look at your IT policy equipment and workflow and review how your current systems are functioning and provide a report on any risks we identify.

Software Management
Software Management

Software: the most important part of IT

The software that a business uses is the primary purpose of all information technology systems.  To succeed, it must be maintained and administered at the highest level of expertise.  

Remote IT Help Desk
Remote IT Help Desk

The key to running a good IT help desk is to provide fast response time, knowledeable support, and determination to resolve issues thoroughly.   Business owners need to be able to depend on their help desk to quickly resolve the issues they or their staff are experiencing.

On Demand IT Support

Computer downtime is often measured in dollars not minutes.

Downtime is costly and stressful. Don’t leave your business in a position to get burned. Fast response time and issue resolution allow you to focus on running your business as smoothly as possible.