About Us

A Full Service IT Provider / MSP... Yet one of a kind.

NetmanageIT has been leading the industry when it comes to information technology services for more than 25 years. We offer a level of service to our customers that is extremely hard to find, and we are well known for that. We are one of the best Managed IT companies in Syracuse and Central New York area, and our reputation and customer retention proves that.

We are proud to be a fully remote company since COVID. There is no better industry to embrace this paradigm, than technology experts like us. Most of us operate out of the Central New York, Syracuse Area and Texas.

We have our own Colo Data Center inside JFK12, 60 Hudson St. NYC (Digital Reality / Digital Ocean). Where we run most of our Internal and highly customized Self Hosted Infrastructure using Linux, KVM, Docker and Kubernetes among others. This site happens to be one of, if not the most important Internet Peering and Interconnect locations in the world with enormous Bandwidth and Resource's.

We are not the normal type of "franchise feel" MSP/MSSP you see out there. You know, the ones using Kaseya and Atera products, then acting like they found hidden treasure. The ones going to the MSP Reddit forums asking "Whats the best RMM, PSA, BDR vendor or xyz SaaS tool?" Then watching them all pile on the Industry favorite for that week. It's quite amusing to watch quite frankly. It is all very cliche, with too much "follow the leader" vibe.

How else are we different in a Rock Star kinda way? We have extensive Linux, Open Source, Cybersecurity, Automation and AI experience. Our custom SOC , Monitoring / SIEM / Threat Intelligence, XDR solutions. Then throw in some Automation, SOAR and AI capabilities to the mix.

This gives us a much higher flexibility and speed at which to scale and deploy resources. All the while providing the ultimate "white glove" treatment & satisfaction for our customers!

Lastly, of course we have that "standard" MSP/Tech company cloud experience. So that means NetmanageIT regularly uses, builds and maintains a lot of our customers infrastructure pulling from and scaling resources from Azure, AWS and Wasabi.

So what makes us unique and sought after the most? It is our Amazing Customer Experience, a truly one stop shop, with very high level knowledge and skills mixed in. We give the customer what they truly need, and that which works best for their particular environment. So take us up on our Business IT Services offerings for the ultimate MSP experience!

One-hour guaranteed response time

We believe so passionately in many of these concepts mentioned on this page, that we offer a one-hour guaranteed response time.

We’ve worked hard to develop trusting, working relationships with our customers so that we are a true partner instead of just another information technology company.

Proactive Always

As your proactive partner in information technology, we've created a business model structured around managed IT services and evolve with the growth of our customer’s businesses. It is a continual hands-on approach, using 24x7 monitoring, remote remediation, and integrated consulting and best practices assessments so that you are never blindsided by a preventable issue.

Learn more about NetManageIT and the services we offer, don't take it from us, listen to what some of our customers say!

Town of Dewitt customer video testimonial


Town of Dewitt, Onondaga County - Video Testimonial

Other Testimonials

Honest, trustworthy, intelligence, responsiveness, knowledge to handle all platforms, personal touch. NetManageIT Team delivers all the above!

JoAnne Hoefler | Hoefler Communications

Sense of urgency is very important in regards to IT and modern business that never sleeps. Ben and the team understand how important this is and are always available when we need them.

Jeff Lyon, VP | NYEG Drilling

NETMANAGEIT manages the information technology for the entire Town of Clay. They are very attuned to our needs and make our system conform to our requirements rather than force us to conform to their system.

Paula Caron, Assistant Comptroller | Town of Clay

Excellent customer service, honest, and gets the job done quickly and correctly the first time.

Linda Bibbens | Bibbens Motorsports

NetManage IT and their awesome Data Backup Service just saved my professional life! I accidentally deleted 100% of my client files. With NetManageIT's Data Protection Services, every file was promptly restored without my clients having a clue what I did... at least not until they read this testimonial!

David Reed, President and Founder | Mirador Consulting

They are always available. I can send them an email or call and they respond quickly whenever I have an issue.

Amanda Lyons | Accurate Refrigeration