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One of our Threat Intel Platforms OpenCTI Threat Intel Platform

Our CTO Daniel Bender has set up a number of great free subdomain websites for our own internal use, customers use, and even the public! Its our way of creating more value and giving back to the Tech Community!

The following sites are always live, quick, secure, and absolutely no ad's, tracking, or paywalls. You can click on the picture of each site to access it directly. So on with our list!

Password Pusher

PWPush, is a quick and easy way to securely send passwords using an ephemeral, self-destructing server with one simple goal in mind. You paste a password into the main window, select how many days or clicks before the cryptic hidden link expires. You then copy that link by hitting the clipboard to copy and paste the hyperlink, then drop that into an email. You only paste a link to the password, never the password itself!

This way, the user receives the email with the link, and once they view it a few times, or 2 or 3 days pass for example, the data is wiped completely from the encrypted database. Every time the server is rebooted, everything is wiped in memory and disk. This removes the poor practice of leaving a paper trail of sensitive data. NEVER email or text a password, when you have a super easy tool like this available anytime you need it.


NetmanageIT PDF Tools

Our free PDF toolbox site, is a quick an easy way to perform many Acrobat Pro level functions, with a super easy and quick interface! We often use it internally, and refer our customers to use it as well. Adobe Acrobat in modern times is... well.. frankly a mess! Use it as many times for free as you need, again no data is stored on the server. Most of the processing is done on the client side browser. The functionalities that do need to temporarily store data pre-processing, is immediately deleted after performing the function requested. One of our favorites!


NetmanageIT Dedicated Speed Test Site

This site was setup as another source of truth for speed tests when troubleshooting customer issues, checking new internet service etc. Often times the Ookla's of the world, while fairly good, can be congested. Not to mention the bombardment of Ad's and other quirky site functionality issues due to how bloated the page code is.

This site works on any browser, desktop or mobile. It measures jitter, ping, upload and download speeds and graphs the data nicely! This runs in a NYC data center with 10gbit of available bandwidth.


NetmanageIT OpenCTI Threat Intel Platform

This is one of Dan's favorite, as it was developed a few years ago to bring a massive amount of realtime threat intel together, then correlate the findings. We use it internally for a number of things, producing blocklists to feed our protection layers, as well as due research on the newest nastiest threats. The real time nature of ingested observables, IOC's, file hashes, and IP/domain information from a multitude of major players in the CyberSecurity industry, is a very powerful tool. It has been opened up to the public with a guest/read only user that is presented at the main login/landing page. So anyone can lookup an IP/domain, APT/Ransomware groups, and present it in an easy to use platform. When we say we take cybersecurity seriously, we mean it!

Make sure to check out , as we have regular threat intel reports posted for the public in PDF format for detailed analysis of the newest threats!

Also on the Blog there is 2 main sections that people find incredibly helpful for the highly technical Open Source lovers out there. Make sure to check them both out!


NetmanageIT Email Header Analyzer

This is a great tool to analyze email header's, which often look like greek to most people, even the industry veterans. What it does, is you copy and paste the raw header info of an email, say in Outlook. Paste it in the box and click analyze. It then breaks it all down in a easy to read format for troubleshooting mail delivery issues, phishing emails etc.


NetmanageIT CVE Database

We host our own internal and public facing instance of a complete CVE vulnerability database, updated in real time. We can subscribe to vendors, and get alerts in real time when a CVE is created or updated if it effects a product we use in our stack or for our customers. Public users can't sign up, but can easily search by vendor name, CVE #, keywords and do some great research with links to external 3rd party breakdowns and reviews of the issue in technical detail.

Again... we take security very seriously around here. 😄


NetmanageIT Web Check OSINT / Web /Domain Recon.

Our hosted free tool to quickly and easily give you a TON of information on a website/domain. Simply go to the site, enter a URL, in my example I used our Blog site.

It then gives you all the Geo/IP, Whois, SSL info, HTTP Security Headers, Trace routes, what the site is built with, black list checks, open ports and so much more.


NetmanageIT Internet Health and Latency Dashboard

Lastly, we come to our real time Internet Overall heath dashboard. I created this using Grafana. It is configured to take latency/ping measurements along with min/max/packet loss average. Then plots them all on a default time graph of 1hr. This is easily changed to a longer time duration. For example, if you wanted to see what the traffic latency, and historical trends is for, or a particular ISP or cloud provider. There is the top 100 traffic domains on the internet in alphabetical order. Check it out!


We hope you enjoy and can make use of these useful tools!

NetmanageIT Team