24x7 Endpoint & Network Monitoring

We have eyes on literally everything tech in your organization 24x7!

Ensuring the Health of Your Servers

Server Monitoring Syracuse and Central New York

Servers are the heart of your IT infrastructure - we'll keep them healthy. Managing the health of your servers can be done with a simple prescription. First, 24x7 remote monitoring of the server’s condition helps you keep your finger on the pulse. Managed patching and Windows security updates, along with a good insurance plan such as a same-day server hardware warranty, also keep your servers healthy. Our NOC is ready to assist with any issues with a guaranteed one-hour or less response time for our managed services clients.

24x7 Server Monitoring

Have peace of mind knowing that your technology is working with around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of your business-critical systems. If a server goes offline, it’s the difference between one employee not being able to do their work and your whole company coming to a halt. Servers are essential: they're the central repository for your software, data, and other mission-critical functions. Reactive break/fix IT support, no matter how quick the response, will never seem fast enough when a server fails. It is always better to proactively solve issues before they become problems.

Remote IT Monitoring Syracuse and Central New York

Our 24x7 Remote Server Monitoring uses a lean agent that monitors all informational and error messages on the server. This allows us to detect small issues before they grow into larger, more complicated ones. This efficient tool provides us with detailed diagnostics on the server's health while reducing the time spent resolving problems.

Endpoint Monitoring and Patch Management

Patch management of Windows security and stability updates keeps the server's software current, secure, and compatible. A badly outdated server operating system is not secure, nor is it supported by most software vendors. This makes even the simplest support issues more complex and time-consuming. But servers aren't all just 1's and 0's - they're also machines with fans, disks, chips, and power supplies. You might be able to wait a day for a replacement part for an employee's desktop, but a server has to be fixed immediately.

Network Monitoring and Hardware Redundancy

To ensure minimal downtime, we always configure servers with hardware redundancy such as dual power supplies, RAID disk arrays, and a good power/surge protection UPS. It’s crucial that a server be kept under warranty from the manufacturer so that hardware failures can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Servers can be intimidating - but you can't afford to neglect them. Our Server Management service provides the expertise and resources needed to keep your servers healthy. With our comprehensive approach to Server Monitoring in Syracuse and Central New York, you can trust that your critical IT infrastructure is in good hands.