Cloud Backup Solutions / Data Protection

Data Backup is only the first part of a working backup solution. The test of a complete data protection solution is recovery time. We have local and cloud-based data recovery, so you’re back up instantly.

Your business runs on data. In the age of “big data”, companies rely totally on their data to survive and perform. Unfortunately, there are a number of threats that will quickly compromise that data affecting your productivity and business reputation. Everything from equipment failure to user error to malicious hacking will affect your business success. Most backup solutions fall well short of offering the reliability and speed of recovery that businesses need.

Offsite Cloud Data Backup

NetmanageIT Bastion Backup

The solution is comprehensive yet straightforward: Our system stores all of your critical data on a local device which is then completely replicated offsite to secure data centers across the East and West coasts, USA. This combination efficiently blends the convenience and speed of on-site backup with the added protection of cloud data backup and cloud virtualization.

Our data backups allow your data to travel back to any specific point in time from an hour ago to years ago, and since the system preserves incremental changes and revisions, that report you realized you accidentally deleted months ago can be retrieved immediately. Your server just crashed, and you need to be up and running now?  We'll just virtualize it precisely as it was pre-crash in the cloud, and in minutes you're back up and running again.

Server Image Based Virtualization

93% of businesses that found themselves in a situation where they'd lost access to their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy that same year. 

Are you confident that your current IT solution could have you up and running the same day as a catastrophic data loss?  Or do you, like most businesses have an IT department that takes a day or more to return your calls? We understand the needs of your business. We know how important your data is. We have a complete data protection / Backup Solution specifically designed for your business. Contact us today to customize a backup solution for your needs. We'll help you rest easy knowing your business data is safe and secure.