Software Management

At NetManage IT, we’re experts in deploying and maintaining the software your business needs to run. We commonly support business accounting, municipal, construction and medical practice software.

NetManageIT works with a variety of businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in the Syracuse area and beyond. Every organization is unique and in order to be effective, we must be able to support the software needs of our customers. Our 20+ years of experience have given us a wide range of expertise in modern business software. Common software such as Microsoft Office, industry specific apps, and forward-thinking cloud software platforms such as Office 365 are all carefully managed and supported.

Office 365/Microsoft Office

Email is the most commonly used B2B communication tool. Office 365 breathes new life and capability into this technology with features such as synchronized emails across all devices, shared calendars and contacts, data backup, and advanced spam protection. The cloud licensing model greatly simplifies management and licensing costs while eliminating the need for expensive onsite hardware. With this plan, businesses are able to always have the most current and efficient versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.

Your Industry, Your Business, Your App
No two businesses are alike and each has very specific needs.  It is common in these cases to use programs that specifically cater to the needs of that market.  Our techs are all trained in dealing with 3rd party support and mitigating the hassles and headaches that come with dealing with vendor "help desks".  In addition, our years of experience in the industry has given us firsthand knowledge in supporting the most common industry apps.

Accounting Software Consulting
We directly service small business accounting software such as Sage and Intuit Quickbooks as well as providing data backup for priceless accounting data.  Additionally, we work with many municipal and non-profit accounting software packages.

We provide a fully managed, cloud-based antivirus platform that allows us to view the desktop security of an entire organization, create custom policies and schedules, and provide virus alerts to our help desk.