What You Need to Know About the Windows Creators Update

Windows recently released the Windows 10 Creators Update and has started rolling it out to Windows 10 users. This free update is one of the biggest Microsoft updates in years and fulfills many of the customer wants that have been common with Windows. Check out some of the highlights of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Paint goes 3D
In the Windows 10 Creators Update, the new Paint 3D app modernizes the Paint that Window’s users have come to know. Paint 3D makes manipulating 3D images easy with loaded tools and filters. The updated Paint also lets you convert 2D images into 3D images and connects with Remix 3D which is a website that is loaded with already designed 3D images from other Windows 10 users. But don’t worry, your old tried and true version of Paint is still there too.

Night Mode
For those concerned that the affects of “blue light” may throw off their natural sleep cycles, Windows 10 now comes with a night mode which applies a very faint brownish filter to the screen color. Sounds weird, but having used it the effect is subtle and pleasant.

Upgraded Antivirus
There are many antivirus products out there, some free and some require a subscription. Microsoft has been providing its own antivirus software for many years and it has been steadily improving. While there are better-paid options for business users, home, and more casual PC users will be well served by the upgraded Windows Defender Security Center which ships with the creators update. It provides a central dashboard for virus scanning, hardware health, firewall, and privacy controls. If you’re a business and are looking to secure your computer systems, you’ll likely want to look for a more complete network security solution.

Game Mode & Beam
The Windows 10 Creators Update is a gamer’s dream. The gaming experience is vastly improved with this latest Windows update, ensuring that games run as best as they can on a Windows 10 PC by reducing the resources that background tasks and other apps use. Another major update for gamers is the built-in streaming thanks to Beam via the Xbox app for Windows 10. Gamers can connect, stream, and share their gaming sessions with their friends and other gamers.

Privacy Improvements
The Windows 10 Creators Update addresses a major concern that users have had in the past - privacy and forced-upgrade pushes. With the latest upgrade, a new simplified privacy dashboard helps users easily address privacy concerns. As Microsoft works to become more transparent, the new dashboard prompts users to review and configure features like diagnostics, speech recognition, location, and relevant ads. As for the forced-upgrade pushes, Microsoft now allows users to delay upgrades and configure active hours to minimize disruptive reboots.

Not just for your TV anymore, Windows 10 Creators Update includes picture-in-picture to its Universal Windows Apps. With the built in Movies & TV app, you can watch a movie or TV show while you do other things on your computer. Take that, Productivity!

Check out more of the updates that Microsoft released with the Windows 10 Creators Update. This update is a great segway to the next major Microsoft update that is planned for later this year. It is expected that this next update will include many new notable features and design improvements - we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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