COVID-19: Response Efforts

NetManageIT is committed to helping local businesses weather these difficult conditions.  Fortunately, we live in a time where high speed internet and work-from-home technologies are available to almost everyone.   We have already helped numerous businesses transition their entire staff to work from home practically overnight.  If you are in need of a similar setup or have any concerns about your technology please let us know.
Q: Is NetManageIT open for business?
A: IT support services are considered essential services. We have had a massive demand for IT support as businesses scramble to adapt to this rapidly developing situation.  Technology allows us to do virtually all of our support remotely to help keep ourselves and others healthy.
Q: How do I work from home?
A: There are many ways to do this.  Most often it involves either Remote Desktop or a VPN.  Contact us and we can discuss the options that work best for you.
Q: How do I stay in touch with my staff?
A: Major video conferencing companies WebEx and Zoom have responded to this emergency by making their products free for all to use during this disaster.  Internal chat software such as Slack or Teams (also currently free) can help bridge the office communication gap. 
Q: Is it secure to work from home?
A: Working from home can definitely present challenges to IT security.  Home networks are less secure, and spreading your workforce across many home offices increases that risk exposure. We can provide advise specific to your situation and needs to help mitigate that risk.
Q: How do I get IT support?
A: The fastest way to get support is open a ticket by emailing You can also call our support line at 315-652-0287.  Normal business hours are between 8:00AM-5:00PM.