Frequently Asked Questions

With managed services, we realize the the whole process can be somewhat intangible. With that in mind, we offer detailed reporting and even trend analysis. Our reporting alerts you when we've found a problem, and what actions we're taking to remediate it. With trend analysis, we are able to pinpoint problem areas with recurring failures and address them in greater detail.

Besides, the ultimate goal of technology is to be transparent - empowering you to focus on your business, and not to be a distraction. This is what we strive for with in a well managed IT environment.

Managed Services can also be deployed in a supplemental role to assist internal IT staff. For example, an internal staff which is bogged down with desktop support may outsource their level one support. Thus their internal technicians are now free to focus on improving their technology processes.

Alternatively, internal IT staff find our complete 24/7 network monitoring and detailed reporting software an essential asset to determining the current and continuing status of their networks.

While this is a nebulous question to define we know, however, that all of our customers are getting the best IT service for their money. It's almost always much cheaper than hiring an internal IT staff. It also reduces the unplanned expense and downtime that result from technological failures, making your business technology a predictable expense rather than a gamble.

Managed Services saves money by not reinventing the wheel for each new customer. In other words, the cost for your business to develop an internal help desk that could offer the expertise and functionality of ours would be extraordinarily cost prohibitive, not to mention the hassle of it all. Thus, by becoming a customer of ours, you inherit our expertise and refined processes.

At NetManageIT we offer any prospective customers a free best practices assessment. This involves either a phone or onsite interview with you to review your business technology in depth and determine the best course of action.

We're sending out technicians, not salespeople, and there is no obligation on your part.

Very few problems require onsite support. The vast majority of our work is completed remotely- which allows for a very lean and non-invasive deployment. This powerful business model saves you money by cutting travel time, and it's a green business practice as well.

For those tasks that require onsite support, we will either appear onsite or arrange for our service from our trusted network of solution providers.

Managed services is a uniquely scalable solution. Since you only pay for what you need it is an extremely cost effective solution for businesses that are too small to justify hiring an internal IT staff but rely on their technology.

Alternatively, much larger companies have effectively used our solution to supplement their internal IT staff.

We can do this by providing support via our enterprise help desk or by utilizing our network monitoring and remote remediation to assist their techs in monitoring the health of their technology.